Rome, 1970: Meet Pinto Degas, disgraced New Wave wunderkind, now regarded as the world’s worst living filmmaker.

Follow Pinto’s international sexploits as he mounts a comeback with his accidentally infamous, nearly fabulous entourage in a golden-hued world of drunken nymphomanical Soviet spies, arrogant Samurai matinee idols, high-stakes international co-productions, axe-wielding ex-wives, high-speed chases on low-horsepower yachts, and — quite possibly — ghosts in the basement.

Heretofore unseen — and never meant to be re-discovered — this remarkable document can now be viewed for the first time, giving contemporary audiences a look at the madness, the passion, and the pomposity of Italian Cinema’s greatest Nobodys.

They spent their days toiling under the hot, hot lights of Italy’s cheapest film sets; their nights, in a decadent celebration of trash and glitter.

But it’s not Studio 54: it’s Studio 8½.

It’s anything goes. It’s “Everything, Terribly.” It's the teaser trailer we made to shop around the show. Enjoy!