World Premiere production photos by Aaron Epstein

A one night-only theatrical thrill ride, autobahn-style. Strap yourself in for the Eroto-Horro-Camp-Grindcore-Nazi-Sploitation-Action-Comedy event of the decade! Side Splitting Acts of Violence! Blood-Curdling Romance! Shockingly Insipid History Lessons! And Wholly Inaccurate Tales of Hollywood Gone Awry! The Ansonia, Connecticut Performing Arts Center proudly presents Barry Murray, President of the Prescott Technical College Film Club, who VERY proudly presents legendary Italian film director Pinto Degas and the revival of his notoriously offensive (and possibly cursed) exploitation piece: "The Erotic Diary of Anne Frank" ("Il Diario Erotico di Anne Frank," 1971, Italy). 

World Premiere on August 29, 2009 at East 13th Street Theater at Classic Stage Company

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